About us

Since 1998 in Milan and since 2021 in Rome we find highly tailored solutions for companies, professionals and individuals offering a wild range of services, including any tax fulfilment, accounting and payroll services, tax planning, financial and contractual consultancy, as well as assistance in mergers and acquisitions. In an increasingly multiethnic society, it is essential to be able to provide and guarantee support, interfacing in English, in French and in Spanish internationally

Rosa Consulting

Thanks to the Senior Managers belonging to the Temporary Management division, “Rosa Consulting” assists corporate clients to structure and share solution concerning management problems.
The direct access to high-profile managerial skills ensures speed and in problem solving.

The team

Wages and social duties

Maria Grazia Vigna

Senior Payroll – HR Specialist

Valeria Zacheo

Accountant – Payroll Manager

Gabriella Orellana

Payroll Area

David Iacono

Payroll Area


Matteo D’Emilio

Senior Partner -Accounting area Manager

Pio  Di Criscio

Extraordinary Transactions

Sonia Taddeo

Accounting Area

Veronica Visingardi

Accounting Area

Fabio Micheletti 

Accounting Area

Danilo Severo

Accounting Area

Deborah Serazzi

Accounting Area


Daniela Patanè


Eleonora Friggi



Lidia Cicella

Treasurer’s and Administrative’s Office management

Stefano Rosa

Administrative and back office management